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  • Brooke + Alexandria

    These two! I could regale you with tons of stories of Alexandria and what she means to me and my life. She's sat with me through some dark times and laughed with me through some awesome times. She's one of the first I told about Andrew and subsequently she was the first to ask Andrew his intentions threatening him if anything should happen to me :). Shortly after I met the love of my life, Alexandria met hers. We would message back and forth squealing about the awesome things our other halves had done for us and talk about how surreal it was to be in this stage of out lives together. When she told me that Brooke had proposed I could not have been happier, when she asked me capture their wedding I could not have been more proud. They got married overlooking this amazing spot in Richmond a few weeks after marriage equality finally came to the Commonwealth. Right after their ceremony we ran into a tour group that excitedly celebrated with us that these two wonderful ladies who had fallen in love were able to marry on that day. The whole day was wonderfully surreal perfectly beautiful. 

    They had already gotten each other rings early in their relationship so for their wedding they decided to exchange necklaces that carried significance to each other. Both necklaces matched their personalities perfectly.