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  • A Day in the Life: The Anderson's

    There is something to be said for being instantly welcomed when you walk into someone's home. That they trust you from the start and you don't have to worry about showing them as they are because it's widly on display from minute one. This was abosolutely the case with the Anderson family. Crystal and I went to school together but it'd been about 20 years since we had seen each other, she greeted me with her million dollar smile and introduced me to the rest of her family equally full of life and joy. I know you will see that through these images, the love between siblings, the way Robert melts just ever so much when his bride is near, and the special friendship between grandfather and grandson. 

  • Stephanie + Felipe

    I completely adore my couples! Since I have begun shooting weddings on my own I've been blown away at the couples that cross my path. Each one of them celebrated their special days in their own unique ways and each one was so much fun; Stephanie and Felipe were certainly no exception. Their wedding was not just one day, but an entire weekend and it was filled with so much love, and joy it was purely contagious.

    Stephanie and Felipe wanted to not only celebrate this stage in their lives but also the people who have been by their sides since the beginning. They started the weekend with a roast which really allowed friends and family to share stories of them both and the night that these two wonderful people met. The entire night I just listened to what these two meant to the people in their lives and it was quite obvious that both Stephanie and Felipe are dearly, dearly loved, and supported by the community that surrounds them. That same love and support was equally apparent during the wedding the following day. 

    They opted to mix things up a bit and do the reception before the ceremony which was a first for me and hopefully not the last. People got a chance to mingle and catch up, sharing drinks, a great meal, and a lot of laughs. The setting, Stephanie's family backyard, was absolutely perfect and just captured the intimacy, and spirit of this weekend. Stephanie wore a skirt that she loved and turned it into a dress wearing a belt she and her mother made specially for the day. Her mom even hand embroidered napkins for the guests and they were gorgeous. When the ceremony started it seemed like the most natural thing to watch and be part of this day with these two. Words of encouragement were shared by the family and Stephanie sang a song to Felipe, I don't think there was a dry eye there, I know mine were a little damp at one point during the day. The night ended with dancing and time together, no huge send off, just a, "See you tomorrow at bunch." The weekend ended with a brunch at a local vineyard and as with the theme for the weekend you knew this couple wanted this to be as much about everyone else as it was about this new part of their journey together. 


    Her smile was the brightest that day and it never faded.